Thomas Wakefield

Current head of the Spitalfields Lodge


Major Sir Thomas Bartle Wakefield, KCB

(b. 1833)

Knight Commander of the Order of Bath


A veteran of the Zulu War, Wakefield was recruited into the Rippers in 1880 while still in Africa. Upon returning to England in 1881, he joined the London Lodge and served under Abraham Van Helsing for the next nine years. In 1890, in the wake of Dr. Jack’s devastating betrayal, Wakefield sought permission to form a lodge of his own. He established the Spitalfields Lodge at the Ten Bells Pub and vowed to keep the East End safe from the monstrous machinations of the Cabal.

Wakefield is best known among the Rippers for uncovering and foiling the Jubilee Plot in 1887, in which Night Guard agents attempted to assassinate Queen Victoria. Although the incident was covered up (and blamed on Irish Nationalists by Lord Salisbury), Wakefield was knighted for his actions.

Thomas Wakefield

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