The Rippers are a secretive group operating around the globe. At the top of the Rippers’ hierarchy is the imposing, almost legendary figure of Abraham Van Helsing. Below him are members of the Grand Council—heroic Rippers in their own right—each of whom battles the darkness in their own corner of the globe and in their own way. Beneath these leaders are the Rippers themselves who each night take the fight to the enemy, laying down their lives in the battle for mankind’s future.


The true origin of the Rippers is a secret so closely guarded that even the members themselves have trouble distinguishing fact from apocrypha. What is known for certain is that the organisation was officially founded in 1872, when Professor Abraham Van Helsing and the enigmatic Dr. Jack split away from the Rosicrucians to take a more proactive approach in their battle against evil.

The Rippers first true challenge came in 1876, when Van Helsing and a team of amateur vampire slayers attempted to defeat the notorious Count Dracula. Professor Van Helsing destroyed Dracula’s concubines (including the notorious Erzebet Bathory), while Dracula himself was confronted by Jonathan Harker and the American Quincy Morris. Unfortunately, Dracula managed to escape.

In 1888, the Rippers suffered perhaps their most devastating loss when Dr. Jack went insane. He abandoned the organisation, leaving a legacy of carnage and horror in the streets and back alleys of Whitechapel. He has since traveled the globe, seeking out covens of witches, secret sects dedicated to evil magic, worshipers of foul gods, and supernatural monsters to unite them into the insidious Cabal.

In the wake of Jack’s act of betrayal, Van Helsing stepped down as leader of the Rippers in 1889 and handed over the mantle to his adopted son, Johann.

Ripper Teams

Rippers operate in small teams or cells, usually numbering fewer than ten people and, for reasons of secrecy, having only a few contacts within the organisation.

Teams are largely free to pursue their own agendas as long as they work toward the common goal of eradicating supernatural evil. Each team is required to submit regular progress reports to its lodge.


Each Ripper team operates out of one of the organisation’s secret bases known as “lodges.” Lodges can be actual houses, or they can be hidden rooms in sewers, catacombs, caves, or similar remote places. The Lodge is where the team receives its missions, conducts research, and collects its monthly stipend.

Lodges of Note

Lodge Base Location Leader In Me Re Fa
London Van Helsing Mansion London, England Johann Van Helsing 14 11 12 15
Spitalfields Ten Bells Pub London, England Thomas Wakefield 3 3 4 5


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