Spitalfields Lodge

Spitalfields Lodge

Based in the cellars of the Ten Bells Pub, at the corner of Commercial and Fournier in Spitalfields in the East End of London. The Spitalfields Lodge is run by Thomas Wakefield.



In 1890, in the wake of Dr. Jack’s devastating betrayal of the Rippers, Thomas Wakefield sought permission to form a lodge of his own. He established the Spitalfields Lodge at the Ten Bells Pub and vowed to keep the East End safe from the monstrous machinations of the Cabal.

Lodge Stats

Influence Level: 3

Spitalfields Lodge is relatively new, making it of minor importance outside of the East End. The Rippers stationed here focus their efforts on protecting the neighborhood from the Cabal threat, deferring to the London Lodge in all other matters.

Membership Level: 3

The lodge has a current membership of 7 Rippers. These include:

Although not technically a member, the costumed vigilante Spring-Heeled Jack frequently works alongside the Spitalfields Rippers and is no stranger to the lodge’s hospitality.

Resources: 4

The lodge is kept operational largely through the monthly donations of Lady Whitehurst, a wealthy dowager countess with a vested interest in the supernatural. Wakefield is always on the lookout for other potential sponsors or alternate sources of income, as he is quite eager to expand Spitalfield Lodge’s membership and facilities.

Facilities: 5

Spitalfields Lodge is rather spartan at the moment. Aside from the meeting room and sleeping quarters, the lodge sports a modest library and a makeshift laboratory, where Dr. Warwick hopes to further his research and study of Rippertech. Wakefield would much rather see the lab converted into a proper medical center, but the lodge simply doesn’t have the funds to make that happen.

Spitalfields Lodge

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